After the economy tanked, many people, including me, were forced to find other sources of income just to survive.

Freelancing was one way I found to take care of expenses with the skills I had.

With the ability to write and research well, I know that you can follow the same path and become a successful freelancer too.



  1. I´m living in Mississippi and I´m looking for a FreeLancer space, preferably in Spanish.
    Hot topics: Track and Field, marathons, living in USA, music or job hunting.

  2. Looking for a publishing house to publish my manuscript. This is very personal and dear to my heart for it’s my life story. I’m transgender but more then that the story tackles some tough subject matter but I win out in the end. Any leads would be great if you google my name you will find out a little more.
    Thanks Sarah Luiz

  3. I am looking for freelance work. Would be very interested. I post regularly on my daily blog that I have had for the past 3 years and I have a Children’s book coming out this summer that I co-authored with a friend.
    Writing is my passion and I would love to find a job that lets me pursue my passion.
    Thank you!

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