Working with Freelance Auction Sites

If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, you may be interested in filling up some of your time with work from freelance auction sites like Odesk and

Website owners in need of content go to these sites to find writers, editors and other professionals to do the work they can’t do themselves.

Writers can browse the job listings for ones that would fit their schedule, or that promise higher monetary reward, and place a bid along with the comment.

The best strategy for getting hired in most of these jobs is to make a comment in each bid that shows the person needing a writer that you’ve read the information about the job, and that you have the skills to do it.  Many of the ‘sweatshop’ type writing companies that troll freelance sites for jobs leave completely generic  comments such as, “I can do the work you are asking for.”  While some people will choose the lowest priced bidder no matter how little confidence they have in the writer, others will be drawn to the writers who have written something that shows that the writer is paying attention.

Auctions tend to push the price of work, including writing, down very low. You will be competing against writers living in places where a few hundred dollars a month is all that is needed to live well. Thus, if you bid on these projects, don’t worry about being the lowest bid. No matter what job it is, there’s probably someone somewhere who can do it for less.

For that reason, it’s best not to rely on these sites alone for your freelance writing income.  If you do not have your own stable of paying clients, or you need some deadlines to help you write, bidding on a few projects that promise higher compensation for good work, or an ongoing contract is not bad, but you shoud definitely concentrate on work that will bring you a higher return for your effort.

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