Should Freelancers Give Freebies?

If you are writing for print media, you are not likely to be asked to provide an unpaid sample article written specifically for a potential client. Free custom articles, however, seem to be a common request for online writing gigs. Should you write a free sample article if it is requested?

Your Content Has Been Rejected. Now What?

It’s bound to happen some time in your freelance writing career: you write the best possible article you can for an assignment, but the editor just can’t see that it’s the best thing ever written, and rejects it.

Don’t worry, the editor has not rejected you, or your writing. Just that one article that doesn’t fit the exact slot she wanted at that moment.

Pushing Past Procrastination

Every freelance writer runs into it… the urge to do something else — anything ¬†other than write. You might have a half a dozen articles to work on, a list a mile high of topics you want to research, but you just can’t get past […]

Get Better At Writing By Writing A Lot

When you first start pursuing your goals of being a full-time freelance writer, you’ll find writing can be hard. But like any skill, writing well and quickly gets easier with practice. Start off by writing quick pieces on a variety of topics. If you don’t […]

Treat Freelance Writing Like a Serious Business

If you plan on making a living from your writing, or significantly increasing your family’s income, you are going to need to treat your writing like a business rather than a hobby. Your work area and schedule should reflect your attitude toward your new work.

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