Pushing Past Procrastination

Every freelance writer runs into it… the urge to do something else — anything  other than write. You might have a half a dozen articles to work on, a list a mile high of topics you want to research, but you just can’t get past YouTube or Facebook.

Most of the time you can push yourself past procrastination by bribing yourself with a reward – a treat when you finish the next task. You’ll find that once you begin working and get that first task accomplished, the rest will follow smoothly.

You might also be procrastinating because the task ahead of you is too large to wrap your brain around. Try breaking up your task into smaller, more manageable chunks and reward yourself for getting the first one done.

Sometimes, the only thing that works is a dose of accountability. Tell someone or several people about what you’re doing, when you’re going to get it done, and how awesome it will be when it is done. You just know that at least some of those people will ask about it later, and you’ll get your work done just to avoid the embarrassment of saying, “umm, I didn’t finish it.”

On occasion, however, you will want to just take a few hours doing something totally different. If you still want to get paid for doing things that aren’t work, there are a few neat options to explore.

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Whatever you do, be sure to get to business again as soon as you can. Procrastination will only cause you stress, which will make you enjoy your time away from work less than if you finished your work first.

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